view1 W1S1 [vju:] n
2¦(way of considering)¦
6¦(chance to see something)¦
7 in view of something
8 with a view to (doing) something
9 in view
10 take the long view (of something)
[Date: 1400-1500; : Old French; Origin: veue, vue, from veeir, voir 'to see', from Latin videre; VIDEO3]
1.) ¦(OPINION)¦
what you think or believe about something
= ↑opinion view on/about
What's your view on the subject?
She has strong views about politics.
Everyone at the meeting had different views .
He was worried about working with people who did not share his views .
Not all executives share the view that participation in online discussions is good for business.
The views expressed in this book are purely those of the author.
The twins' parents took the view that surgery would be wrong.
Freud's work affected widely held views on sexual matters.
In my view , the country needs a change of government.
Not all the evidence supports this view .
There was a frank exchange of views at the meeting.
The general view was that you can't overfeed a baby.
2.) ¦(WAY OF CONSIDERING)¦ [C usually singular]
a way of thinking about or understanding something
view of
Mum's view of the situation was different to mine.
optimistic/pessimistic/balanced etc view
a realistic view of human nature
traditional views of religion
You need to have a clear view (=a definite idea) of the kind of book you want to write.
take a dim/poor view of sth
She took a pretty dim view of his behaviour.
3.) ¦(SIGHT)¦ [U and C]
what you are able to see or whether you can see it
view of
We'd like a room with a view of the sea.
good/bad/wonderful etc view
The house has wonderful views over the valley.
be in view/come into view
Suddenly the pyramids came into view.
disappear/vanish/hide from view
The gun was hidden from view behind the door.
Fran hit him in full view of all the guests (=where they could see it clearly) .
During an eclipse, the moon blocks our view of the sun (=stops us from seeing it) .
4.) ¦(SCENERY)¦
the whole area that you can see from somewhere, especially when it is very beautiful or impressive
From the top you get a panoramic view of the city.
A huge nuclear reactor now spoils the view .
5.) ¦(PICTURE)¦
a photograph or picture showing a beautiful or interesting place
view of
The book contains over fifty scenic views of Cambridge.
an occasion or time when it is possible for people to see something such as an art show
view of
A private view of the Summer Exhibition will be held.
on view
(=being shown to the public)
The painting is currently on view at the Tate.
7.) in view of sth
formal used to introduce the reason for a decision or action
In view of his conduct, the club has decided to suspend him.
8.) with a view to (doing) sth
because you are planning to do something in the future
We bought the house with a view to retiring there.
9.) in view
formal having something in your mind as an aim
with this end/object/aim etc in view
Defence was all-important, and castles were designed with this end in view.
What sort of job did you have in view ?
10.) take the long view (of sth)
BrE to think about the effect that something will have in the future rather than what happens now
COLLOCATES for sense 1
have strong views (about something)
have different/conflicting/opposing views
share somebody's view/this view etc (=think the same as someone else)
express a view
take the view that (=think that)
hold a view
strongly/deeply/widely held views
in somebody's view (=used to show whose opinion it is)
support a view (=help show that it is right)
an exchange of views (=when people say what they think)
the general view (=what most people think)
view 2
view2 v [T]
1.) to think about something or someone in a particular way
= ↑see view sth as sth
The law should be viewed as a way of meeting certain social goals.
view sth from a ... perspective/standpoint
It's an issue that can be viewed from several perspectives.
view sth with caution/suspicion/scepticism etc
The local people viewed newcomers with suspicion.
2.) formal to look at something, especially because it is beautiful or you are interested in it
view sth from sth
The mountain is best viewed from the north side.
Thousands of tourists come to view the gardens every year.
view a house/an apartment/a property
(=go to see a house etc that you are interested in buying)
3.) formal to watch a television programme, film etc
an opportunity to view the film before it goes on general release

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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